Ambient Fireboxes, Lanterns, and Light Artistry from Our Shop in Retford, Nottinghamshire

Want to add a touch of ambience and light to your hearth and home? Wisteria Gifts is proud to stock Luxa light art at our gift shop in Retford, Nottinghamshire. Our extensive array of lanterns, lamps, and fireboxes are easy to install, filling your home with the colour and light of your choosing. Get in touch today with any enquiries.

Luxa Faux Lighting

The Luxa firebox is a popular alternative to a real, burning fire. We stock a large range of braziers constructed from highly polished steel and acid-etched with a variety of designs and patterns. Within these boxes, the flame is reflected back and forth to fill the whole lamp with fire. Colour options include:

Matt Black  |  Silver  |  Copper

We also stock replacement bulbs, yellow silk flames, and transformers.

Flower & Forest lights

Ideal for summer, autumn, and Christmas celebrations alike, our flower and forest twinklers come with a magical projector lamp. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the darker the environment, the better these lights look.

Lanterns & Fire Lamps

Create an ambience of warmth with our range of lanterns and fire lamps. Using the combination of a saffron coil outer flame and a multi-coloured bulb to provide a faithful representation of the spectrum of firelight colours. With lanterns in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, it’s easy to add warmth and zen to your living space.

LED Candles

Complementing your lanterns, our Luxe collection of battery-operated, natural-glow LED candles are perfect for decorating your home or outside space. Made from real wax, these candles create a warm, ambient, and calming atmosphere. The amber LED flame gently flickers to imitate the effect of a real candle, without the messy wax or the risk of fire.

Illuminating Your Home

We stock an array of light art products, including fireboxes, lanterns, and LED candles.

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